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Bardessono: My next staycation

BardessonoWoe is me.

Sometimes my job requires really terrible assignments–such as checking out the new Bardessono in Yountville as a possible site for a summer event.

We were introduced to property by general manager Paul Young. He explained the philosophy behind the architecture, art, flow and materials–in a word: sustainability. I loved it: minimal, beautiful, peaceful, responsible. Paul pointed out that but for a very few exceptions, there was no plastic on the property. The rooms are temperature controlled with pre-programed “moods” and feature electronic shades and lighting that close and turn off 20 minutes after after guests leave their room (should they forget the lights). And there are many other features I’ve since forgotten, so enthralled was I with the design of the place. (Here’s a lovely piece on Bardessono from Dwell.)photo2

I think minimal luxury might require an adjustment period for some. Paul, on several occasions, referred to feedback from guests, and while he wasn’t specific, I got the impression that some people feel the place needs a little softening: curtains on the windows and rugs on the floors, perhaps. I, for one, was too taken with the site to cast a critical eye. I loved the bare floors and windows; the use of stone, wood and recycled materials.

We walked through the bar and dining areas and outside past the many water features. I am already plotting an evening cocktail and have designs (however fanciful) on a spa day. A girl can dream, right?

(Photos courtesy my iPhone)

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